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Arty Magnetic Bookmark – Designed by Special Needs (Neurodiverse) student

Join us in empowering the Special Needs people, also known as Neurodiverse, with Digital Tech Skills today. The Neurodiverse people are mainly those with Autism, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, and many others.
  • Made by youths KZ, MS, AT, and a few more.
  • These youths are mostly under the autistic spectrum. They have completed their schooling years but do not have a source of income.
  • They have hidden talents when dealing with computers, particularly in multimedia designing
  • Their products and designs are as good if not better than any commercial ones available in the market
  • They seek your support in this mission
We Rise by Lifting others  
The whole world is moving towards digitalisation, why should they be left behind

Flowers blooming


This image resembles the nature of flowers blooming, with their petals opening up towards the sunshine 

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Glow In The Dark Stand – Muslim Writing

Made by Muhammad Ashiddiq B Jahufar (A Special Needs Students) Glow In The Dark Has 2 holes, to choose where
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Hari Raya Money Packet (Sampul Istimewa)

Money packets, designed by neurodiverse students of Infinite Minds Academy. RM 10 for 10 pieces of Ang Pao (Money Packet).


Parrot sitting on a tree, "surviving". By the side, a beautiful flower blooming on the side.
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Sunflower blooming, while, facing the new sun's position
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Sunflower blooming towards the Sun shine


Sunflower blooming towards the sunshine

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