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*CUSTOMISABLE* 3D LED Light Lamp with Ismalic Art using Acrylic.


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*CUSTOMISABLE* Car Pendant Hanging Acessories with Islamic Terms

Car Decorative Acrylic Hanging Ornament Good for Your Car Pendant Decoration Beautiful Decorative Hanging Ornament in Home or in a
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3D LED Light Lamp, Sikh Prayers on Acrylic (RGB LED tripe)


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Store:  Karan Singh
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3D LED Light Lamp, Sikh Prayers on Acrylic (Singular Colour) with Wooden Base.

  • No battery slot
  • Attached to the power supply - with USB only
  • Material – Acrylic
  • Light Lamp Base is provided (Wooden)
  • This amazing 3D LED Light Lamp can be very soothing and can be kept in places like Living Room, Bedroom, or even in a car!!
  • It is very beautiful as the Gurbani can be seen clearly
  • Gives an illusion effect when seen from far
  • 2D acrylic giving a 3D holographic visual pattern
  • Acrylic thickness 5 mm for convenience
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Store:  Karan Singh
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3D LED strip(Multi-Color) Light Lamp – with motivational quotes


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Arabic Calligraphy on Natural Wood

  • Beautiful Arabic Calligraphy on Natural Wood
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Coloured Coasters *Customisable*

Made by Adam Lee Wei Meng (A Special Needs Student) Made with Plywood Excellent Gift: Great gift to any deserving
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Glow In The Dark Stand – Muslim Writing

Made by Muhammad Ashiddiq B Jahufar (A Special Needs Students) Glow In The Dark Has 2 holes, to choose where
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Honeycomb Clock

  • Designed using natural wood
  • Gives a lightly distressed wooden clock face
  • Perfect for Home Decoration
  • Perfect gift for christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, or any special occasion
  • Gives a very elegant looks due to the honeycomb looks
  • 7.5 inch by 6 inch by 1 inch( including the box )
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Infinite Minds Academy keychain, inspired by Avengers

  • Keychain inspired by Avengers
  • Durable and convenient
  • Eye-catching item 
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Infinite Minds Coasters

  • Designed using natural wood
  • Durable!
  • Perfect for Home Decoration
  • Protect your Dining Table!
  • 5.5 inch by 5.5 inch by 0.2 inch( including the box )
  • Comes in a set of 5 pieces!
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Reusable Collapsiable Metal Straw | Write Your Own Name

NAME: Let us know the details and we will customise the case with YOUR designated name. EASY TO USE: Our